Interesting Facts About Canada

Explore some intriguing facts about Canada and get introduced to a whole new side of this country. Not just a cold western nation, but Canada is much more culturally and naturally diverse which truly makes it one of the favourite places to travel.

How much do you already know about Canada besides the fact that this North American country is often considered as a sister nation of the United States?


Canada’s culture is hugely influenced by European traditions mostly involving the British and the French including its own indigenous people. A blend of influence from Britain and America, the county’s cultural mix can be witnessed anywhere from food, lifestyle, sports, and film industry. Known for their welcoming attitude, Canada no doubt has one of the highest immigration rates in the world.


Although being an independent nation today, Queen Elizabeth of Britain remains the head of state of Canada. The Queen’s powers are only a matter of symbolic representation of Canada being a British Colony once, with no influence in the county’s political matters.


With two languages holding an official status, Canada could easily be confused as a nation of few dialects. On the factual side there are as many as 200 languages from around the world which are spoken within the country, many of them belonging to the indigenous group of languages in Canada. So French and English are not the only languages you might come across while travelling to the country.

Lakes and Landmass

Home to an uncountable number of lakes, lakes of Canada are not only renowned for their beauty but also for their area covered within the nation. Canada is the second largest country by landmass and without its lakes the country would come down to fourth position. That is how much area the lakes cover in Canada.

Favourite Food

Who doesn’t love chips and maple syrup!? Well, Ketchup Chips and Maple syrup are one of the most loved food items in Canada. Another among the most popular dishes in the country includes Poutine, a fries and cheese dish from Quebec. In Canada you can find exotic French-Canadian dishes so popular that today many of them can be found in many parts around the world. Also, the country is the top consumer of packaged macaroni & cheese, even more than the United States.

Best Seasons

Best Seasons Best Seasons

Although Canada experiences some of the coldest winters in the world, the country’s appeal lies in its other pleasant seasons of the year. Being one of the largest countries on the planet, seasons in Canada vary by vast degrees from one one province to the other. And as a matter of surprise, Spring means that it would be a rainy season in many parts of the country. 

Some of the coldest cities in Canada record temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees Celsius with the coldest ever recorded temperature was found in Snag of Yukon province dipping to unbelievable -62.8 degrees Celsius. 

If you thought you might meet only cold winters in Canada then a right time to visit the country would definitely change your mind, where the amazing views of orange coloured Rocky Mountains in autumn would welcome you to the most beautiful side of the country.

Luxury Travel

Canada is home to many of the spectacular British style castles which in a way can be seen as the British rule leaving its mark on the country. Despite being a country with relatively new architecture found in most of its major cities, the number of castles in Canada is definitely more than you would have thought about. 

Some of the oldest castles in the country date as far back as the 18th century, with only their ruins visible today. On the other side a number of these Victorian style structures have been developed into grand hotels which often become places of residence of their royal owners during their country tour.

Heritage Sites

With a great blend of natural as well as cultural heritage places, Canada is home to as many as 20 UNESCO world heritage sites. Numerous interesting heritage sites in Canada include the Dinosaur Provincial Park known for its large amount of dinosaur fossils. The park contains some of the most significant discoveries from the ‘Age of Dinosaurs' period on Earth. You might end up finding a real dinosaur fossil in this park!

A Friendly Nation

A Friendly Nation A Friendly Nation

Canada has one of the highest immigration rates in the world and there is a very good reason why people would choose to opt for a country like Canada. As per many records Canada has been classified as one of the most welcoming countries in the world given its great acceptance rates for immigrants from many nations. Besides, the country has been regarded as the most accepting country for migrants in the world.

Canada is full of Interesting places to visit. If you happen to visit Canada and wish to know more about the country before you visit the place, here are a few heads up about Canada that you will not find anywhere else on the internet. Learn more at Fun facts to know about Canada

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