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Canada is full of Interesting places to visit. If you happen to visit Canada and wish to know more about the country before you visit the place, here are a few heads up about Canada that you will not find anywhere else on the internet.

The country of Canada exists on the North American continent and is segregated into three territories and ten provinces. It is estimated to inhabit approximately 38 million people as per the 2021 census suggests. Due to its eguraldi lasaigarria and scenic beauties spread all across the land, Canada serves to be a prime tourist location for people everywhere. The country also harbours indigenous people for thousand of years now, primarily comprising of Britishers and French. They came and settled on the land back in the 16th-century expeditions. Later on, the country became home to Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Judas, Buddhists and atheists.

These facts will help you know the country better and plan your trip accordingly. We have tried to include everything necessary about the place to expand your understanding of Canada. Have a look at the article below and see if you find the country interesting or not.

Kanadako probintziak eta lurraldeak Kanada 10 probintzia eta 3 lurraldetan banatuta dago

Mendebaldeko hemisferioko herrialderik handiena

Kanada Mendebaldeko hemisferioko herrialderik handiena da measuring at 3,854,083 square miles (9,984,670 square kilometres). If you did not know this, Canada also happens to be the munduko hirugarren herrialderik handiena. Despite the country’s size, the population is 37.5 million, ranking 39th in the world. The population density of Canada is certainly less as compared to other major countries. A huge chunk of Canada's majority population lives in the southernmost parts of Canada (along the Canadian-US border). This is because of the terrible weather conditions that lurk over the northern part of the country, making it impossible for human life to sustain. The temperature drops down abnormally, witnessing heavy snowfall and strong currents. As a traveller, now you know which parts of the country to visit and which parts are off-limits.

Gehienezko laku kopurua

Moraine lakua Munduko lakuen erdia baino gehiago Kanadako herrialdean dago

Ba al dakizu hori? munduko lakuen erdia baino gehiago Kanadako herrialdean daude? The country is known to have more than 3 million lakes, out of which 31,700 are giant occupying an area of about 300 hectares. Two of the largest lakes in the world are found in the country of Canada they are called Hartz Aintzira Handia Esklaboen Aintzira Handia. If you visit the country of Canada make sure to visit the two lakes mentioned above as the scenic beauty of the lake is enrapturing. The climate of Canada is perpetually cold, it is advised to carry warm clothes while visiting the country.

Canada is home to a plethora of lakes, especially the five great lakes of North America which are Lake Superior, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie. Some of the lakes are shared between the USA and Canada. The west of Canada is the place to be if you want to explore the waters of all these lakes. Read about them in Lakes Incredible Kanadan.

Kostalderik luzeena

It is not a surprise that a country with maximum number of lakes also has the longest coastline recorded in the world. It measures 243,042 km (including the mainland coast and the offshore island coasts). On comparison with Indonesia (54,716 km), with Russia (37,653 km), with China (14,500 km) and the United States (19,924 km). The country’s 202,080 km/ 125,567 miliako kostaldea covers the frontal face of the Pacific Ocean to the west, the Atlantic Ocean on the east, and the Arctic Ocean in the north. The coastlines also serve as a great spot for picnics, wedding venues, photoshoots, camping and other thrilling activities.

Herri immigrazio herrialdea

As per the Census of 2019, did you know that Canada welcomed the most number of immigrants from all across the world accounting for one-fifth of the population of Canada to be occupied by immigrants?

That is 21% of the whole of Canada. Few reasons why Canada is the most preferred country for immigrants are,
a) herrialdea ez dago populazio trinkoa eta atzerritarrak iraunkorrak edo ez iraunkorrak hartzeko adina lur ditu,
b) Kanadako klima ere klima hobetsi bat da askorentzat, ez beroegia ez hotza,
c) Kanadako Gobernuak kalitatezko bizitza eskaintzen die herritarrei, munduko herrialde askotan baino hobeto;
d) opportunities and the education system in Canada is also quite flexible allowing it to take people from outside and offer them courses that are yet to be taught elsewhere. As for job applicants, the country has to offer jobs at various levels, again making space for people of all skills to settle in the country. The crime rate in Canada and intolerance as compared to other nations is also minimal.

Gehienezko uharte kopurua

Auyuittuq Parke Nazionala Auyuittuq Parke Nazionala edo inoiz urtzen ez den lurra Baffin uharteko Cumberland penintsulan dagoen parke nazionala da,

Horrekin lotutako faktore interesgarri guztiak izateaz gain Kanadari ere gertatzen zaio munduko uharte gehien hartzen dituen herrialdeari. Among the top 10 largest islands in the world come 3 off of Canada islands namely Baffin uhartea (Britainia Handiaren bikoitza, gutxi gorabehera), Ellesmere uhartea (Ingalaterraren tamaina gutxi gorabehera) eta Victoria uhartea. These islands are full of greenery and contribute to 10% of the world's Forest Reserve. These islands are very common tourist spots, many wildlife photographers go deep into the forest to capture the wildlife in its all. The islands are home to spectacular species, enriching the growth of lesser-known animals.

Munduko basoen %10 dauka

Baso Boreala Baso Boreala altxor ekologiko nazionala da, aintzira zabalak, zuhaitz berdeak eta hezegune oparoak dituena.

As we had briefly explained earlier, Canada has an abundance of forest and a variety of species of trees growing in several of its Islands. Approximately 317 million hectares of forest can be found spread out across the country of Canada. A very interesting fact is that most of these forest lands are publicly owned and the rest are open for exploration for visitors. We can be sure of one thing about Canada is that the residents of the country live and breathe nature. The islands, the greenery, the vast coastline, every aspect of nature has been bestowed upon the people of Canada in abundance, making it a very ideal place for a vacation (mostly for those who want to relax in the lap of nature and get away from the chaotic city-life).

Did you know that Canada provides for approximately 30% of the world's boreal forest and contributes to roughly 10% of the world's total forest land?

Hockeyagatik famatua

Ice Hockey Kirola oso ezaguna da eta herrialdean hainbat mailatan jokatzen da

The Izotz Hockey jokoa Kanadan dates back to the 19th century. The game is simply referred to as Ice Hockey in both French and the English language. The sport is extremely popular and is played on multiple levels in the country. It is officially Canada's National winter sport and is also considered a past-time game with levels which are played by children and higher levels which are pursued by professionals. In the modern date, women participation in the sports has grown over the years especially during the year 2007 to 2014 . The highest acclaimed trophy for the Canadian Women's Hockey is the Clarkson cup.

The hockey teams exist on multiple levels for women starting from colleges to University institutions. From the year 2001 to the year 2013, a considerable rise in female participation has been witnessed in Canada accounting for 59% more engagement from women. We can understand now that Ice Hockey is not just a national and an unofficial pastime game in Canada but is forms a fundamental part of their tradition and culture. It nearly identifies their ethnicity.

The national winter sport of Canada and the most popular sport among all Canadians, Ice Hockey can be dated back to the 19th century when various stick and ball games, both from the United Kingdom and from the indigenous communities of Canada, influenced a new game into existence. Learn about Izotz Hockeya - Kanadako kirol gogokoena.

Korronte indartsuenak ditu

Here’s a fun fact about Canada that you probably did not know before - Canada is one of the countries with the strongest currents and highest recorded tides in the world. Much adventurous for them swimmers and surfers, eh? If you are planning for a swim be sure to wear a life jacket on yourself and preferably swim under the guidance of an expert. For more curiosity, you can check out the Seymour Narrows in British Columbia. The region of the Discovery Passage has witnessed some of the most powerful tidal currents ever recorded with flood speeds ranging to 17 km/h and ebb speeds going as far as 18 km/h. Strong enough to upturn a navy ship.

Bi hizkuntza ofizial ditu

When Britain was done ravaging the prosperous days of Canada, the French set their foot forth and managed to colonise the rest of the pending land. Although as we now know that the legacy of French imperialistic ventures could not last long, but what did last was the cultural impact they had on Canada. They left behind their heritage, their language, their lifestyle, their food and much more that speaks of them. So today the two most spoken languages in Canada are French and English. Other than these two languages several indigenous languages are spoken across the country.

Tenperatura baxuena erregistratu du

Yukon Kanada Yukon Kanadako iparraldeko hiru lurraldeetako bat da

If we tell you that the lowest recorded temperature in Canada is as low as recorded on the planet of Mars, will you not shudder with the thought? Imagine what the people of Canada went through in that temperature. It is not a fact unknown that Canada is also one of the coldest countries and records abnormally low temperatures at times. To wake up in the morning and clear your pavement and sculpt out your car from ice is a normal thing to do early morning for the people of Canada. The temperature of - 63 degrees Celsius was once recorded in a remote village of Snag in February 1947 which is approximately the same temperature recorded on the surface of planet mars! -14 degrees Celsius is an average January temperature recorded in Ottawa, something which is beyond the thoughts of many.

Begiratu zure eTA Kanada Visa izateko eskubidea eta eskatu eTA Canada Visa 72 hegaldi baino lehenago zure hegaldira. Britainiar herritarrak, Italiako herritarrak, Espainiako herritarrak, eta Israelgo herritarrak linean eska dezake eTA Kanadako Bisa. Laguntzarik behar izanez gero edo argibiderik behar izanez gero, jarri gurekin harremanetan helpdesk laguntza eta orientaziorako.