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Updated on Nov 28, 2023 | Canada eTA

There is now a simpler way to obtain an eTA Canada Visa from Singapore, according to a new effort launched by the Canadian government. The eTA visa waiver for Singaporean citizens, which was implemented in 2016, is a multiple-entry electronic travel authorization that enables stays of up to 6 months with each visit to Canada.

The Canada Electronic Travel Authorization can only be used if the traveler is flying into Canada. Singapore is free from Canada's standard visa rules, which means Singaporeans do not need a visa to visit Canada.

The visa has been phased out in favor of Electronic Travel Authorization (or eTA). The eTA was first used by Canadian immigration in 2015 to examine the eligibility of international visitors to Canada and to accelerate the online Canada eTA application process.

Do Singaporeans Require a Canada Visa Online to Enter Canada?

Travelers entering Canada by land or sea may need a visa in addition to identification and travel documents. The eTA for Singaporean residents covers travelers to Canada for the following purposes:

Transiting Through Canada 



Medical attention

Most foreign nationals who transit through Canada require a visa to enter and exit the country. This is not required for Singaporeans who have an eTA, which covers transit trips if the points of entry and departure are by air rather than land or sea.

Because the eTA is issued and maintained electronically, all Singaporeans who travel must have a machine-readable electronic passport. Singaporean passports produced in the past few years are all machine-readable, although visitors who are concerned about their passport's eligibility should check their documents before applying for the eTA for Singaporeans.

This implies that applicants can organize their trips from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for time-consuming embassy visits. The authorization is issued quickly and efficiently, and it is provided securely and electronically to the applicant via email.

Inaccuracies and errors might cause the eTA for Singaporeans to be delayed or rejected, hence it is suggested that all information submitted on the application form be double-checked before submission.

The eTA is valid for 5 years and is purely electronic, therefore no paper documentation is required. Once authorized, the eTA is entered into the immigration system with the applicant's passport.

How Do I Apply Online for an eTA For a Trip To Canada?

There are numerous prerequisites for applying for the Canada eTA. All candidates must have the following qualifications:

  • A Singaporean passport that is valid for at least 6 months from the time of travel is required.
  • To pay the fee, you must have a valid credit or debit card.
  • To receive the eTA, you must have an active email address.

Owners of dual citizenship should apply for the eTA with the same passport they intend to travel on, as the eTA for Singaporeans is connected to the traveler's passport number.

Candidates for the Canada eTA must be Singaporeans. If they are from other nations, they must mention that in the application.

Travelers with other statuses (such as residents) will be required to apply for a Canadian visa unless they use a passport from their country of citizenship.

All eTA applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of submission. Minors will require the application to be made on their behalf by a parent or guardian. Those filing for an eTA on behalf of a juvenile on behalf of a Singaporean citizen must also supply some basic personal information as their guardian or agent.

There are no restrictions on the number of times the traveler can enter or exit Canada because the Electronic Travel Authorization is not a visa.

When entering Canada, border officials will assess how long the eTA holder is permitted to stay and will indicate this on the traveler's passport but stays of up to six (6) months can be authorized.

Staying in Canada after the date given in the applicant's passport is banned. Singaporean nationals who want to prolong their stay in Canada can do so if they apply a minimum of 30 days before the end of their visit.

Canada Visa Questions and Answers for Singaporeans

Can a Singaporean visit Canada without a visa?

Singaporeans flying to Canada must obtain an eTA to enter the country visa-free. Singaporeans who do not have an official electronic travel permit cannot enter the Canadian border without a visa.

Passport holders must submit the Canada eTA application at least one to three business days before departure; the application process is entirely online and can be finished in minutes.

Singaporeans with an eTA can travel to Canada without a visa for business, pleasure, or medical reasons. To transit through a Canadian airport, the eTA is also necessary.

Travelers visiting Canada for different reasons or for a longer period must get the appropriate Canadian visa.

How long can a Singapore resident stay in Canada with the Canada eTA?

Singaporeans must have an authorized eTA to enter Canada by flight; the amount of time allowed varies on a number of criteria.

Although the specific length of stay varies, the majority of Singaporean nationals are permitted a maximum stay of six (6) months.

Conveniently, the Canada eTA is multi-entry and valid for 5 years, or until the passport expires, allowing Singaporeans to make repeated short excursions to the nation with the same permission.

Even for short layovers, Singaporean passport holders require an eTA to transit through a Canadian airport.

Anyone planning to stay in Canada for more than six (6) months should apply for a Canadian visa.

Does a Singaporean have to apply for a new Canada eTA each time they visit the country?

One of the many benefits of a Canada eTA is that it allows for multiple entries. Singaporean eTA holders can re-enter Canada several times with the same permission as long as their stay does not exceed the maximum number of days allowed.

Furthermore, the Canadian travel authorization is valid for 5 years from the date of issuing.

There is no need to renew until the permission expires.

Because the eTA is tied to the passport, it cannot be transferred from one document to another. If the Singaporean passport expires before the eTA, a new travel authorization must be obtained using the new passport.

Are Singaporean citizens eligible to visit Canada?

Subject to certain conditions, a Singaporean citizen will be able to go to Canada for vacation, business, or to visit friends and family as of September 7, 2021.

However, because of COVID-19, travel advisories are subject to quick modification, therefore we urge that you evaluate Canada's current entrance limitations and criteria on a regular basis.

What Is the Risk level Of Visiting Canada?

Canada is safe to visit - Take normal security precautions.

Security and safety

Crime -

Petty crime, such as pickpocketing and pocketbook snatching, is common, especially in the following areas: airports, hotels, public transit, and tourist-friendly regions.

Maintain the security of your things, including your passport and other travel documents, always.

Fraud -

There is a chance of credit card and ATM fraud. Follow these precautions when using a debit or credit card:

  • Pay close attention when other people handle your cards.
  • Avoid utilizing card readers with irregular or unique characteristics. 
  • Use ATMs in well-lit public locations or within a bank or business.
  • When entering your PIN, cover the keypad with one hand and examine your account statements for any fraudulent activities.
  • Check pricing before purchasing anything because some retailers charge high prices to foreigners.

Rental property swindles -

Property rental scams do occur. Scams may involve internet advertisements for properties that are not for rent or do not exist. You must:

  • Use a trusted service to book your rental.
  • Before committing to paying any money, you should go to the accommodation and meet the landlord.

Terrorism -

Terrorism poses a small threat to the country. Terrorist attacks can happen sometimes, and their targets can include:

Singaporean security agencies are on high alert in government buildings, including schools, places of worship, airports, and other transportation hubs and networks, as well as public areas such as tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, shopping centers, markets, hotels, and other sites frequented by foreigners.

  • Expect increased border security measures.
  • When in public, always be alert of your surroundings.

Demonstrations -

A permit is required for all demonstrations and gatherings. Unauthorized protests, even involving a single person, are prohibited. Anyone involved in or suspected of disrupting public order can be arrested without a warrant by the police.

  • Even as an observer, you may need special permission as a foreigner to attend any demonstrations.
  • Avoid situations where there are demonstrations, political meetings, or big crowds.
  • Obey local officials' directives.
  • Keep an eye on local media for updates on current protests.

Traffic Safety -

Road conditions and safety are excellent throughout the country.

Showers may provide a hazard on the road.

Vehicles rarely yield to pedestrians. When walking or crossing streets, use caution.

Requirements for entry and exit -

Each country or territory determines who can enter and exit its borders. If you do not meet your destination's entrance or leave requirements, the Government of Canada cannot intercede on your behalf.

The information on this page was gathered from Canadian authorities. It is, however, subject to change at any time.

The type of passport you use for travel affects the entry requirements.

Check with your transportation operator about passport requirements before you travel. Its passport validity regulations may be more stringent than the country's admission requirements.

Regular Singaporean passport -

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months beyond the date you enter Canada. This also applies to passengers in transit.

Passport for official travel -

Different entrance requirements may apply.

Passport with gender identification "X" -

While the Canadian government issues passports with an "X" gender identity, the government cannot ensure your admission or passage through other countries. In nations that do not recognize the "X" gender designation, you may face entrance difficulties. Check with the nearest foreign representative for your trip before you depart.

Additional travel documentation -

When traveling with a temporary passport or an emergency travel document, other entrance regulations may apply. Check with the nearest foreign representative for your trip before you depart.

What documents do Singaporeans need to apply for the eTA?

Before you can access the application page and fill out the form, you must first ensure that you meet all of the prerequisites. However, you should have no trouble doing so because none of them are difficult to obtain. Here's what you'll need:

Passport: All applicants seeking an ETA must ensure that their passport is valid for at least another 6 months from the date of arrival in Canadian territory.

Email: You will receive your copy via email. So, please provide a current email address. You do not need to have a physical copy of your ETA with you when you receive it, but you can print one if you like.

Payment: For your convenience, we offer two payment options: credit and debit cards.

How long does the eTA application process take?

The application form can be completed in 15 to 20 minutes. However, if you require assistance, please call our agents.

The application form is divided into three steps.

  1. Step one involves your data and journey information, as well as the delivery time of your application. Take note that it will specify the amount you must pay for your Canada ETA.
  2. The second step entails modification and payment. To avoid mistakes, double-check all of the information you entered.
  3. Step three is to upload all the previously specified papers. When you're finished, submit it, and we'll send you your ETA at the time you specified.

IMPORTANT: Singaporean visitors to Canada for a few days do not need to apply for a Visitor visa, but an eTA is required. This document is valid for 5 years after it is issued or until the passport expires after the date of issue, during which time you can visit Canada as many times as you wish.

How many entries do I have with eTA from Canada?

A Multiple Entry eTA is available. In other words, you can visit this country multiple times with the Canada eTA.

Is it possible for a Singaporean citizen to enter Canada without an eTA Canada Visa?

Singaporean passport holders can stay in Canada visa-free for a maximum of six (6) months if they have an authorized Electronic Travel Authorization. For Singaporean citizens landing in Canada via commercial or chartered flight, the Canadian eTA is required.

The eTA validates a traveler's ability to enter Canada and is significantly faster and simpler to get than a traditional embassy visa.

The online eTA application just takes a few minutes to complete, and processing times are quick.

Singaporeans who wish to stay in Canada for more than 180 days or work in the nation must apply for the appropriate Canadian visa.

Singaporean citizens can spend up to 6 months in Canada as a tourist or business guest with an approved Canadian eTA.

Although the exact duration of time a foreign citizen may stay in Canada varies, most Singaporean passport holders are permitted a 180-day stay.

Singaporeans can visit Canada several times for up to six (6) months with the same authorized travel authorization.

If Singaporean visitor wishes to stay in Canada for more than 180 days, they must obtain a conventional Canadian visa.

Where Are The Canadian Embassies in Singapore?

High Commission of Canada in Singapore


One George Street, #11-01, Singapore, Singapore - 049145




[email protected]


(011 65) 6854 5913


(011 65) 6854 5900


Where Are The Singapore Embassies in Canada?

Singapore Consulate Canada


Suite 1700

1095 West Pender Street

BC V6E 2M6








[email protected]

Website URL

Singapore Consulate Canada


Suite 5300, Toronto-Dominion Bank

66 Wellington Street West

Toronto, Ontario

Canada M5K 1E6






[email protected]

Website URL

What Are the Places in Canada That a Singaporean Citizen Can Visit?

Visitors to Canada are as taken with the country's fauna and natural beauty as they are with its cultural and culinary offers. Canoe along Vancouver's curving shoreline while admiring the city skyline, or explore Churchill's vast frozen plains in search of polar bears. In Toronto, try five-star fusion food, or go to a street-side jazz jam session in Montreal.

These are the best spots to visit in Canada, whether you're a first-time visitor or a return visitor searching for a fresh experience. However, due to its size as the world's second-largest country, you won't be able to see everything in a single visit.

St. John's Signal Hill National Historic Site

Signal Hill National Historic Site is located near the entrance to St. John's port, overlooking the city and the sea. The first wireless transatlantic signal was received here in 1901. Although the existing fortifications were completed during the battles of 1812, it also played a vital role in the Seven Years War with France.

One of Signal Hill's most important landmarks is the Cabot Tower. It was built in 1897 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Newfoundland. It also honors Guglielmo Marconi's reception of the first transatlantic radio telegraphy transmission, which was broadcast over a distance of 2,700 kilometers from Poldhu in England, here in 1901.

Exhibitions about the history of Signal Hill and communications are housed in the tower (with a special section on Marconi). From the summit, you can see panoramic views of the city and the coast all the way to Cape Spear, North America's most easterly point.

Old Montreal

Old Montreal, with its beautiful historic buildings, is a terrific destination to go for shopping and fine dining. While Montreal is a dynamic modern metropolis, Old Montreal, down by the harbor, is the place to be to take up the ambiance.

Rue Bonsecours and the famous Marché Bonsecours in the old town hall building, the interior of the stunning Notre-Dame Basilica, the vibrant Place Jacques-Cartier, and the 1870s City Hall are all must-sees in Old Montreal.

Polar Bears of Churchill, Manitoba

The polar bear migration, which takes place near the town of Churchill in Northern Manitoba, is one of Canada's most unusual attractions. These magnificent creatures make their way from land to the ice in Hudson Bay.

Every autumn, this little town welcomes visitors. Visitors are taken out in tundra buggies with caged windows for close encounters with polar bears on tours. The best viewing is in October or November when the bears wait for the water to freeze before venturing out onto the ice.

Vancouver Island

Despite being only a two-hour boat voyage from the mainland, Vancouver Island may feel like a world away. Most people visit Victoria, British Columbia's capital city, for sightseeing and culture, but if you travel north into the island's wild and desolate regions, you will encounter some surprising and remarkable encounters.

Nature lovers may explore the best hiking routes on Vancouver Island and camp in some stunning locales. Those seeking greater comfort can stay at one of the island's lodges or resorts.

The old-growth forests of enormous trees, some of which are over 1,000 years old, are one of the island's most spectacular vistas. The ancient trees of Eden Grove, near the village of Port Renfrew, are a day trip from Victoria. If you're traveling up the island, you can also visit Cathedral Grove, which is near the town of Port Alberni, or travel all the way to Tofino to witness even more massive trees.

Check your eligibility for eTA Canada Visa and apply for eTA Canada Visa 72 hours in advance of your flight.